The Happiness of Sunny Days

California is the sunny state and visitors come wearing t-shirts and shorts, expecting all day sunshine and a day of warmth on the beaches. However, this past month, the sky has been cloudy and gray. And it’s been pouring every day. Yes, great for the great drought of California. But throughout this past month, I’ve definitely felt down, moody, and emotional, to a degree that I’ve never really felt before.

This could be linked also with the emotional duress of new relationships, ennui, boredom with my job, etc. However, studies have definitely linked a correlation between lack of sun and emotional stress.

Of course, the rest of the country no doubt sees worse weather in terms of rain and snow. However, as a spoiled Californian native, I feel the need to complain.

These last couple of days have provided bits and pieces of sun. And to be honest, I feel me pulling myself back together, and just feeling all around happier.

I can wander around, dance naked on the beaches, bike the Golden Gate bridge, and just jump for joy (both literally and figuratively).

All in all, I’ve missed the sun, am glad it’s back, and hope it’s here to stay for good.

Too bad, there’s rain forecasted for the weekend.

Here’s to hoping for sunny days in your futures.


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