Things to Do in Singapore


Singapore is a tiny city and many of its inhabitants (at least the ones I talk to) say there’s not much to do here. However, I find that it’s definitely a unique cityscape to walk through and explore when you have the time.



I love exploring bookstores. And this place is small but quaint and charming. It’s filled with a wide variety of books, mostly falling under the quirky side. If you go in through to the back room, there’s an even larger amount of quirky books and goods to rummage through. If you have time after, definitely explore the surrounding Tiong Bahru area, as there are other cafes, shops, etc. with an equally hipstery vibe.

Ann Siang Road and Surrounding Areas


This area is more known for bars and restaurants that serve food and drinks targeted more towards the expat community. But more importantly, the area is designed both in landscape and architecture in a way that makes for great photo spots. My amateur photography skills of course doesn’t do the area justice, but just trust me.



Chinatown here, as in other cities/countries, is certainly a tourist trap. However, it’s definitely a place to walk through and check out, especially if you’re looking for those quintessential souvenirs, like a Singapore themed shot glass. Be sure to go into the Maxwell Hawker Centre here nearby as well as the Chinatown Food Court for some cheap hawker fare.



Chijmes is a super beautiful place. People even hold weddings here. Basically, this place used to be a church/chapel, but ironically enough got redesigned to hold lots of classy bars inside instead.

Clarke Quay


Clarke Quay is another one of those places in Singapore that you have to check out. Not only does the area have buildings and bridges gorgeously lit, like in the photo above, but it’s a classy little waterfront that’s perfect for walking by. It’s also the classic location for grabbing a meal and some drinks. Definitely come check out this place at night.

Haji Lane


Haji Lane reminds me of the Mission area in San Francisco. It’s a cluster of alleyways with beautiful buildings and murals throughout it. There’s also a bunch of hipstery bars, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and shops to check out.

Esplanade, Merlion Statue, and that entire Area


This is the tourist location that screams out Singapore to the world. There’s the classic merlion statue that everyone takes photos. But don’t forget to also check out the view of Marina Bay (the hotel building that looks like a boat on top of three columns) the Esplanade (a building in the shape of a durian, the national fruit of Singapore), and the other classic buildings on this Singapore cityscape view.

Marina Bay 


The Marina Bay area is known for a couple things. First, the Gardens by the Bay, which…Google it…the Internet will tell you more about than I could ever tell you. But basically, Singapore is pretty proud of it. Second, Marina Bay Sands. It’s a hotel, but under it is a mall and a casino. The mall is pretty outlandish. As you can see above, there’s a freaking canal running through it that you can ride boats on.

Singapore Art Museum


The Singapore Art Museum, is definitely nothing like the MOMA or the MET. However, it’s worth checking out if you have interest in modern art.

Other Places to Check Out for Which I Have No Photos

  1. Orchard Lane: It’s a strip of several malls all together, which consists of food courts, ice cream vendors, and everything else imaginable. There’s also a Laduree, and my favorite, a large Kinokuniya bookstore, where you can sit and read absolutely anything.
  2. Singapore Botanical Garden: It’s your classic botanical garden. To be honest, I only went because it was a world heritage site.
  3. Little India: Definitely an interesting stop to see the great cultural differences and an almost too palpable racial divide between the Chinese and Indian populations within the country. On another more superficial note, it’s also a good place to get your eyebrows done perfectly for a cheap price.
  4. Red Dot Museum: If you have time, and are interested in art/design (both industrial and print), check out this small museum. It’s actually pretty cool, and I’m not super design/art minded.

One thought on “Things to Do in Singapore

  1. Love the post. We visit haji lane whenever we are in Singapore. Perfect place to hang and have a beer or two ain’t it.

    Also I loved the botanical gardens and the super trees too.
    Will definitely check out the art museum next time.


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